Know who your visitors are and deliver a positive shopping experience

Mood - Age - Gender Recognition

Mood | Age | Gender Recognition

With V-Count new MAG (Mood | Age | Gender) Recognition technology, you can find out exactly how many of your visitors are female and how many are male as well as their age group and emotional status. Knowing the demographic profile of your potential and existing customers is an important variable to provide better service according to their preferences.

This data allows you to enhance customers’ engagement level by offering them the right products and keeping your stocks up-to-date for the needs of your diverse customer base. With this data provided by V-Count Mood/Age/Gender Recognition, you can now offer a more personalized experience for shoppers.

You can change signage in real-time according to the moods, ages and genders of your visitors to boost conversions and optimize the design of your location as well as choosing assortments according to your visitors demographics.

V-Count MAG (Mood/Age/Gender) Recognition Specifications

Device Dimensions:
(Rectangular Cover): 127x127x38mm

Packing Dimensions:
250x167x82mm (WxDxH)

Device Weight:

Package Weight:

Installation Height:
Min. Height 2.2 meters, Max. Height 6 meters

IEEE802.3af (48 V DC) 15.4W per port


Operating System:
Linux Based V-Count OS

NTP, Adjustable Timezone, Automatic Daylight Saving Adjustments

Ethernet Connection:

Data Storage:
3 Months of offline storage with auto synchronization

User Levels:
3 Levels: Admin, Standard, Guest User

Cat5 – Cat6

Operating Env.:
Temperature: -15°C to 40°C, Humidity: 10% to 90%

Storage Env.:
Temperature: -40°C to 70°C, Humidity: 10% to 95%


Benefits of MAG (Mood/Age/Gender) Recognition

Customer Segmentation
V-Count’s new technology, provides a better understanding of your customer profile by delivering you a deeper analysis via male vs female, age groups and emotions data.
Marketing Campaigns
Plan your marketing campaigns according to your customers’ gender, age group and overall emotional status to target the right segment.

Stock Allocation & In-store Design
Keep your stocks up-to-date at all times and improve your in-store design to meet the needs of your diverse customer base.

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