Remote Access

Operators are able to remotely access cameras to see live images of the incident and have the option to use audio communication to scare off vandals or potential skimmers. If the cameras are tampered with in any way, an alarm is raised and prevent images can be passed to the police.

In order to capture the right data an area in front of the ATM is set as an analytics zone. Anyone entering the area can be recorded by the overhead camera and in the event of any suspicious activity, the second facial camera can be triggered.

Both cameras record on a local SD card, as well as alerting the monitoring centre. The analytics zone will not only detect and count, but will also minimise false alerts.

Adding the next generation of video surveillance analytics transforms an existing CCTV system into a highly reliable intruder detection system for banks and stores. The ATM security system can easily be expanded to cover existing in store/branch cameras to provide control room operators with a powerful reporting tool to help them identify suspicious activity and when appropriate, despatch security guards or quickly report the incident to one of the emergency services. The result of doing so is a high detection rate and a dramatic reduction in the kind of false alarms that can be generated by traditional intruder detection devices.


In addition to being a powerful tool to help combat criminal activity, these analytics can produce accurate business intelligence to enable banks to gain a greater understanding of customer activity and the staffing levels required in order to manage queues at peak times. Supported by the iC-YOU cloud based customer people tracking solution, they can also be used for marketing and merchandising purposes.

iC-YOU: Affordable, Effective and Reliable.

Physical security is inevitably a top priority when existing bank branches are being refurbished or...

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The Solution

A dual camera ATM security system with built in analytics is designed to deter as...

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